Monday, April 22, 2013

Short Weekends

We had another short weekend.  I don't even work a normal job and I think the weekends are too short. lol With kid activities during the week, it's the only 2 days I really get to do any extra work around here with hubby.  Well the most constructive thing we were able to do this weekend was FINALLY install my clothes lines.  I am so excited to be able to have old fashioned lines to hang laundry on now. Ahhh!  So happy!  With 7 kids we are just flying through laundry each day and 1 dryer isn't cutting it.  I never had a problem with laundry till we decided to have 3 kids in 2 years.  Haha!  Our "3 Amigos" as I call them are always on the go getting into everything and it's hard to spend time down in the basement while they are upstairs terrorizing baby ducks in the bathroom,  playing plumber with the toilet, or eating any and everything they can find in the kitchen. Needless to say I get behind quite easily with laundry anymore so I'm hoping more outdoor time this summer while I'm hanging and folding off the lines will benefit me and my dryer quite a bit. 

In other news we have been becoming acquainted
with our new bunny, Ginger we bought from another breeder nearby.  We went with Ginger as her Tattoo appears to be G1. lol  She's a Castor Mini Rex.  I have always loved the color.  Our first 4-H rabbit was a Broken Castor Mini Rex we discovered at Orschlens for sale during an Easter sale years ago. I noticed his tat in his ear so I knew he was used at one time!  It was kind of funny when you think about finding a show bunny in a store but hey he actually did pretty well.  This girl was bred before we got her so we're hoping she has some babies at the beginning of May! 

We've had quite a bit going on outside with our animals.  I love Spring! We've had 2 new Jersey Wooly babies born, 2 Mini Rex, and in February I bought new pullet chicks for the year.  We lost some but ended up with 17 new layers.  They are almost 3 months old now.  By July they should start laying.  I'm guessing with our other layers we might get about 2 dozen eggs a day!  I should have plenty more to sell by then!   I also have 36 eggs in an incubator so we'll see how that goes!  Along with the chickens we are the owners of 18 ducks, 17 rabbits, 2 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 4 guinea pigs, and a hamster! lol
I love watching the new life Spring brings.  I've been out daily watching all my plants/trees blooming out.  So far there's lots of activity going on with our Garlic, Sage, Blueberry bushes, Peach, Plum, Cherry and Apple Trees!  Can't wait to see what our garden yields this year!

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